American Tourister products are thoroughly tested to ensure that travel products that you trust meet the highest standards. Therefore, the problem caused by material and manufacturing defects in the American Tourister product, will be solved by American Tourister or replaced free of charge, subject to the terms of the warranty provided herein. The warranty applies to the first recipient of the product for the duration of the warranty period from the date of purchase of the product. 

This warranty includes only factory defects and is not applicable to infringements due to incorrect operation and inapplicable use due to accidents, scratches, unusual temperatures due to chemical cleaners and thinners, acids, water effects, natural wear and damage caused by the fault of the transporter. If your American Tourister product is damaged for the reasons mentioned above, repairs may be made at your own expense to your nearest American Tourister dealer or American Tourister Authorized Service Center. Non guarantee maintenance or repairs to your product may be performed by any company. American Tourister recommends the use of an approved American Tourister service only for warranty service. Improper maintenance or repair will invalidate the warranty. Use the site www.americantourister.lt to find contact center services. Please do not send products directly to Samsonite, as this will only lengthen the repair time. This warranty is global and you can repair your product at any service center in the world. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product to the service center.

For warranty service, you will need a properly completed warranty certificate and original purchase receipt. The service center will determine whether the specific problem is covered by the warranty. If it will be find that the warranty is applicable, you will be notified whether the product will be repaired or replaced. The repair and replacement costs will be covered by American Tourister, including the cost of repayment of the repaired or replaced product. If the changed product is no longer produced, then American Tourister will replace it with a similar one. 

  The Samsonite warranty does not apply to products that were not sold through authorized American Tourister representatives or their affiliates in Latvia.